Coral reef project


This week in science we finished up our global water project. After finishing that we started working on the coral reef project. For the first class period, we researched our reef animals. My animal was the Dragon moray eel. I learned that Dragon moray eels can’t close their mouths fully because they have a curved jaw. I also learned that they can be called the lepoard eel. After the first period, we got into our groups and started working on our boulders. That was very fun.

I was suprised by how well our boulder came out. I really liked the shape.  I may think about the dragon eel later in my life but I dont think the information will be too helpful. It was really satisfying and fun to tape the boxes together. It was also satisfying to make the infomation label for the coral. I think I participated well because it was something that was very fun to do. If I couldve done something differently I would have made the boulder smaller. My three questions are: How many types of coral are there, How long does it take for a staghorn coral to fully grow, and what place in the food chain is the dragon eel?

Science Expo


For the Science Expo, I presented Ross. I learned a lot about her. I learned things like she was the first Native American female aerospace engineer. I also learned that she was depicted on the 2019 Native American one-dollar coin. I thought that was very inspiring. Another thing I learned was that she lived to be 99 years old. I believe it was only three more months until her next birthday. It was a very fun experience but sort of scary giving the presentation to lots of random people. I really felt like her mostly because of the hair but also because the outfit was perfectly matching hers in a picture.


I think I did very well on the project. I think I learned as much as I could. I was surprised at how many amazing things she did. I found it very satisfying and fun to create the poster board because it came out very pretty. I also found it satisfying to dress up as her because I really liked the costume and it was fun to try something new.  I think I participated very well because it was something that I liked doing. If I could’ve done something differently I would’ve spoken a bit louder. My three questions are, how long did it take her to design the P-38 LIGHTNING? How many tries did it take her to finish the submarines? And what was her motivation to be a rocket scientist?

Water Crisis


In science this week we learned about the water crisis. So far I really like it. It’s very fun to learn about. It was about microplastics, pollution, women having to walk miles for water, and gender-bender plastics. I learned a lot in science. I learned about how chemicals in some waters can mess with your genetics. I also learned about how women and children have to walk many miles to get bad water which puts them in danger because of the heavy water bucket’s burden.

I was very surprised about the women walking to get water. Though it was very interesting, I was more interested in learning about other things. I think I’ll use this information I acquired to help make the water be\tter in the future. I found it satisfying to learn about how we can help stop animals from eating microplastics. I think I participated very well. I like the project very much. If I could’ve done something differently I would’ve written more notes.


How does the gender bender chemical work?

Who found out about microplastics?

What kinds of water is safe and not safe?

Endothermic VS Exothermic

This week in science we learned about exothermic vs endothermic. I learned a lot about it. I learned that exothermic means heat exiting. Then, I learned that endothermic means heat entering. I also learned that a good way to memorize it is exo-exit endo-enter. For example, hand warmers, they produce heat. that would be exothermic. An example of endothermic would be a melting ice cube.

I think that I will probably think about this in my everyday life. It was really fun to learn about all the things that exothermic and endothermic work for. It was also just fun to learn about it. Like the video, we watched about it. I think I participated well because it was something that interested me. If I could’ve done something differently I would have written down some things about it. My three questions are, what is it called when something is neither endothermic or exothermic? Another question is, who invented these words? My last question is, When were these words first used?


















Ice Cream

This week in science we made icecream. We put milk and sugar into a bag. Then we put another bag over that. After we did that we filled a gallon-sized bag with snow and a bit of ice cream salt. To mix it up and freeze it, we tossed it to our team members. after we finished we went inside and checked it. It wasn’t cold enough so we stuck our cups of ice cream in a snowbank and then ate them.

I found this very fun. I may do this again at home. It was really fun to toss the bag back and forth. It was also fun to see what it tasted like. I learned that there are much more fun ways to make ice cream than using an ice cream machine. I also learned that there are types of salt just for making ice cream. I think I participated well because it was something I enjoyed doing. If I could’ve done something differently I would’ve left the bag in the snowbank longer so it could’ve frozen better. My three questions are, Is this a common method, Can you add fresh fruit to the milk to color the ice cream, and was this your idea?

Murder Crime In Science


This week in science we worked some more on our murder crime project. Our role is a forensic scientist gathering evidence and then adding up all the evidence to a conclusion to find out which suspect killed the person. So far most of the evidence adds up to Stanley Wings. Mosie and I were assigned to interview Hiedi Seeki but she appeared to be safe. Then we took their favorite marker and took the marker that was used to write a note in the dead girl’s trash can and stuck them in acidic acid. Stanley Wings and the original marker had identical effects. Then we burned fabrics of a piece of red on the girl’s dead body and compared it to the other pieces of red fabric that the other suspects had. Again, Stanley Wings was identical to the original. We also looked at the fabrics under a microscope, we got the same result.

I found that if I’m ever trying to solve a mystery maybe I could use these ideas. It was very fun to look at the fabrics under the microscope. There were lots of little interesting fibers. I think I participated pretty well because it was something I enjoy doing. If I could’ve done something differently it would be to write more about the other suspects, not just Stanley Wings. I also would’ve included more about our other experiments. My three questions are, How long does it take a real forensic scientist to solve a crime, Are there more male forensic scientists than females, How much can you get paid for being a forensic scientist?

Mass over Volume

This week in science I actually did one thing in science before I got sick. We did a small experiment with mass over volume.  we had measuring cups of water and we would graph the water before we put the object in and after. Then we would weigh objects and measure the height and width. I learned that the size of the object that is put into water doesn’t matter. It’s actually the density. We also watched some weird lego video about mass over volume but I forgot the title of it. I didn’t really learn much from it because I’ve already watched it before. I also learned that matter is pretty much everything. It’s space, it’s the earth, it’s you.

I don’t think ill use this in my everyday life but ill probably use this in high school once or twice. it was pretty fun to try and fill up the water. We kept messing up the water level. I think we participated well but it was a little hard to understand the confusing graph. In the last couple of minutes, we started to understand it thought. But then our marble rolled under a table and we wasted our last few minutes getting it back out. That was pretty funny.

Who discovered mass over volume?

Why is it so confusing?

When was mass over volume discovered?


Biome diorama and website ✏️

We have been doing our biome blogs and dioramas. This week we finished our biome website. We started to work on our diorama after we finished the website. I learned that some sequoias have become unstable because of root damage caused by buildings. I also learned that the slime on banana slugs help them move faster and that they also only have 1 leg. We are almost done with the diorama now. I think I learned fairly well because it was something I enjoyed. I may use the website making skills in my life again because I might need to do it again. I may use it for a class assignment or something I just want to tell the public. I also think I participated alright because I again, enjoyed doing the project. If I could have done something different I would have put the information on a google doc before writing it on the website.

How many people can work on the same Wix website on different computers at once?

How do you add a link on Wix?

How long has Wix been around?


This week in science we learned more about our biomes. The biome Tavo and I  worked on was the temperate forest. We decided to base our research on The great temperate forest. I learned that The banana slug is supposed to be the world’s largest species of terrestrial slug in the world. I also learned things like, The roosevelt elk has the largest body mass of the 4 subspecies, and the sequoia tree is an evergreen, long-lived, monoecious tree living 1,200–1,800 years or more. I was pretty satisfied with how well the blog came out. This will probably be helpful in my life because I might go there at some point and I’ll actually know something about it. I think I participated pretty well this time because it was something I enjoyed doing and it was fairly simple.

How long has the forest been around?

What is the oldest tree there?

When did they make it into a National park?

Wyoming Toads

Today I read about the Wyoming toads. Some of the main points in this article were about the endangered species and the need to save them. The article talked about the population crash too. It gave some ideas on why they’re important. The article also talked alot about them to inspire the reader to like them and then try to help them. It told us alot about they’re importance and behaviors. Some of the behaviors being their mating calls and ability to survive well on their own. but unfortunately pesticides and insecticides are killing them off.

I chose this article because I was very interested in endangered species. I was also interested in toads at the moment. I also thought the toad was very cute. I would say this article is very important to society for lots of reasons. some being, that people need to help other species like these. And we need to be more concerned about our use of pesticides. Also we shold be more concerned abour preserving habbitat for these toads. This article serves as a good influence for the public. I also think the is important because it inspires people to want to help animals like Wyoming toads.

How many years did it take for the population to decrease this much?

How many years can they live for?

How many eggs does a noral female lay a year?