About the northern hawk owl- my first post

Dear, Mrs.  Cuttatree,


                                  My name is Surnia ulula but you call me Northern hawk owl. I make sure that prey animals don’t overpopulate.  I have a flat head, yellow eyes, and a yellowish beak. I am normally 36-42.5 cm tall. I also weigh nearly 300 grams. My wingspan is about 45 cm wide. I ordinarily lay about 3-11 eggs. I have extremely keen talons for clutching my prey while I’m flying. My neck has a surprisingly huge radius for pursuing prey as they move. I have a particularly astounding hearing to help me detect my prey under 1 foot of snow. I am a non-migratory bird. In the wintertime, I normally descend from tree to tree gripping my victim. I live in various forests adjoining open areas or marshes dotted with excellent perching trees. I commonly nest in holes in trees or in naturally decaying broken trees and sometimes hollows. For me, the forest provides shelter, food sources, and water. I frequently eat small rodents and sometimes voles in the summertime. I am unquestionably happy to be at the top of the food chain! If I were to go extinct the food chain would start to break down and animals would start to overpopulate. If my habitat was damaged I wouldn’t be able to live suitably. I would lose my nesting sites, hunting perches, and my habitat. Please do not chop down the woods to build the Uppity Resort. What I found the most interesting about myself is the fact that I can turn my head so far. I think you should care about us because if you get rid of us owls, the vermin will infest your resort.


                                      sincerely, Northern hawk owl

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