Gardening in the hoop house


In class, we were gardening in the hoop house. We were split up into groups. Some groups were the seed people. The other group was working with the starts. I learned that you can plant vegetables and fruits in a hoop house. You can also grow many salad vegetables in a hoop house. I learned that the plants do not develop well when you put them to close to each other.

I presume that I’ll probably use these tip for my own garden next summer. I think I learned a lot of important things about gardening while working with the starts at the hoop house. I found it very satisfying and calming when planting the starts back in the globe. I also found it satisfying when we finally finished. I think I participated alright other than getting distracted by talking and playing around with the others in my group. I think I could have done the planting alot differently. I think I planted the starts a little to close and I would probably would’ve liked to change that if I could.

How often should you water the starts?

What is a good time of year to plant a garden?

What is a good temperate for a hoop house?





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  1. I am glad you enjoyed being in the garden. I hope it all grows. It is good you thought about how close you planted the starts. This could cause competition for resources. The best time to plant a garden is in the spring. What we planted is for next spring and for this fall late.

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