Parachuting cats in Borneo

This week we finished up our project. In the project, we draw out the three forms of symbiosis. Mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism. Then we drew out how it related the parachuting cats in Borneo and how everything died because of the disease there. Then we drew arrows to the mouth that ate the other animal. After, we labeled the animals and showed the cycle. I learned about the parachuting cats in Borneo. I also learned about the cycle of what happened with the disease and all the animals that went through the disease. Then we learned about Mutualism, Commensalism, and Parasitism.

I don’t think I will ever send cats to parachute down to Borneo but this was an inspiring idea. I learned that we could use an idea like this in the future. I may use what I  learned about ideas like this in my life sometime. I found the drawing part of this project satisfying and very fun. I think I participate alright. I got distracted by talking a few times but overall I think it went fine. I would probably be more easily distracted if it wasn’t art. Some things I would do differently would be trying my best on the drawing. I would also try to show how things worked next time.

What kind of cats did they send in parachutes?

Did most of the cats survive?

How far did the cats parachute to the ground?


3 thoughts on “Parachuting cats in Borneo

  1. dear Ellie, I liked the way you described what you thought about parachuting
    cats in Borneo. I learned that there is no way anyone is going to send parachuting cats in our generation. Your blog made me think about the future.

    sincerely, Brody

  2. Dear Ellie,

    I liked how you explained what you thought about parachuting cats in Borneo.
    I learned that no one will parachute cats in our generation. I also learned that there might be parachuting cats in the future. Your blog also made me think about the future.


  3. Ellie – this is a great post – really thoughtful and well written. I feel you learned a lot by drawing and you are a great artist. You mentioned the relationships you observed in the story and how to illustrate them.

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