Reading About Ghosts 😌


Today I read about ghosts. Also about what people feel when a ghost is nearby. I think this article is important to society. Mostly because this can inform you about ghost appearances. but the other reasons are because it can tell you a lot about ghosts and it can inform you about their behaviors.

I chose this article for many different reasons. Some reasons being, I was very fascinated by ghosts and I thought it would be informative about ghosts. in which it was. I also thought that some of the parts in the article I could relate to. There was informative information such as ghosts make noises like groans and whispers. They also have the ability to mess with electronics and cause things to move or fall. Ghosts normally appear as blurry or shadowy figures.


Are ghosts real?

Can ghosts feel pain the way we do?

Who claims to have seen the first-ever ghost?

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