Wyoming Toads

Today I read about the Wyoming toads. Some of the main points in this article were about the endangered species and the need to save them. The article talked about the population crash too. It gave some ideas on why they’re important. The article also talked alot about them to inspire the reader to like them and then try to help them. It told us alot about they’re importance and behaviors. Some of the behaviors being their mating calls and ability to survive well on their own. but unfortunately pesticides and insecticides are killing them off.

I chose this article because I was very interested in endangered species. I was also interested in toads at the moment. I also thought the toad was very cute. I would say this article is very important to society for lots of reasons. some being, that people need to help other species like these. And we need to be more concerned about our use of pesticides. Also we shold be more concerned abour preserving habbitat for these toads. This article serves as a good influence for the public. I also think the is important because it inspires people to want to help animals like Wyoming toads.

How many years did it take for the population to decrease this much?

How many years can they live for?

How many eggs does a noral female lay a year?


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