Biome diorama and website ✏️

We have been doing our biome blogs and dioramas. This week we finished our biome website. We started to work on our diorama after we finished the website. I learned that some sequoias have become unstable because of root damage caused by buildings. I also learned that the slime on banana slugs help them move faster and that they also only have 1 leg. We are almost done with the diorama now. I think I learned fairly well because it was something I enjoyed. I may use the website making skills in my life again because I might need to do it again. I may use it for a class assignment or something I just want to tell the public. I also think I participated alright because I again, enjoyed doing the project. If I could have done something different I would have put the information on a google doc before writing it on the website.

How many people can work on the same Wix website on different computers at once?

How do you add a link on Wix?

How long has Wix been around?

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