Mass over Volume

This week in science I actually did one thing in science before I got sick. We did a small experiment with mass over volume.  we had measuring cups of water and we would graph the water before we put the object in and after. Then we would weigh objects and measure the height and width. I learned that the size of the object that is put into water doesn’t matter. It’s actually the density. We also watched some weird lego video about mass over volume but I forgot the title of it. I didn’t really learn much from it because I’ve already watched it before. I also learned that matter is pretty much everything. It’s space, it’s the earth, it’s you.

I don’t think ill use this in my everyday life but ill probably use this in high school once or twice. it was pretty fun to try and fill up the water. We kept messing up the water level. I think we participated well but it was a little hard to understand the confusing graph. In the last couple of minutes, we started to understand it thought. But then our marble rolled under a table and we wasted our last few minutes getting it back out. That was pretty funny.

Who discovered mass over volume?

Why is it so confusing?

When was mass over volume discovered?


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