Endothermic VS Exothermic

This week in science we learned about exothermic vs endothermic. I learned a lot about it. I learned that exothermic means heat exiting. Then, I learned that endothermic means heat entering. I also learned that a good way to memorize it is exo-exit endo-enter. For example, hand warmers, they produce heat. that would be exothermic. An example of endothermic would be a melting ice cube.

I think that I will probably think about this in my everyday life. It was really fun to learn about all the things that exothermic and endothermic work for. It was also just fun to learn about it. Like the video, we watched about it. I think I participated well because it was something that interested me. If I could’ve done something differently I would have written down some things about it. My three questions are, what is it called when something is neither endothermic or exothermic? Another question is, who invented these words? My last question is, When were these words first used?


















2 thoughts on “Endothermic VS Exothermic

  1. Dear Ellie,

    I like how you gave detail about what endothermic is and what exothermic is. I also like how you gave an example of how you would use this in everyday life.


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