Water Crisis


In science this week we learned about the water crisis. So far I really like it. It’s very fun to learn about. It was about microplastics, pollution, women having to walk miles for water, and gender-bender plastics. I learned a lot in science. I learned about how chemicals in some waters can mess with your genetics. I also learned about how women and children have to walk many miles to get bad water which puts them in danger because of the heavy water bucket’s burden.

I was very surprised about the women walking to get water. Though it was very interesting, I was more interested in learning about other things. I think I’ll use this information I acquired to help make the water be\tter in the future. I found it satisfying to learn about how we can help stop animals from eating microplastics. I think I participated very well. I like the project very much. If I could’ve done something differently I would’ve written more notes.


How does the gender bender chemical work?

Who found out about microplastics?

What kinds of water is safe and not safe?

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