Ice Cream

This week in science we made icecream. We put milk and sugar into a bag. Then we put another bag over that. After we did that we filled a gallon-sized bag with snow and a bit of ice cream salt. To mix it up and freeze it, we tossed it to our team members. after we finished we went inside and checked it. It wasn’t cold enough so we stuck our cups of ice cream in a snowbank and then ate them.

I found this very fun. I may do this again at home. It was really fun to toss the bag back and forth. It was also fun to see what it tasted like. I learned that there are much more fun ways to make ice cream than using an ice cream machine. I also learned that there are types of salt just for making ice cream. I think I participated well because it was something I enjoyed doing. If I could’ve done something differently I would’ve left the bag in the snowbank longer so it could’ve frozen better. My three questions are, Is this a common method, Can you add fresh fruit to the milk to color the ice cream, and was this your idea?

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